Students who are looking to make money in their spare time should look at the many opportunities to earn money that are presented on the Internet. Among the many ways to earn money online, the one that presents the biggest potential to make thousands even millions of dollars from is Internet marketing.

The flexibility of Internet marketing coupled with the relatively low capital needed to enter this kind of Internet business make it an ideal money-making venture for students who are usually time and money constrained. Because it requires so little time compared to having a part-time job, Internet marketing can definitely fit into the busy schedule of any student without affecting his or her studies.

If you are not familiar with Internet marketing, it is generally defined as the process of selling a product or service over the Internet. One way to do Internet marketing is to develop your own product – it can either be a physical product or an electronic product such as an e book, an online course, membership website or software – or you can sell other people’s products and services through a process called affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, the owner of the product or the merchant will provide you with a link which will track the buyers that you will send through an affiliate marketing campaign you have created. In affiliate marketing, you are required to create a promotion campaign where you sell the products of other people or company and earn a percentage or commission from sales made.

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Some affiliate programs offer as much as 90% commission from each sale. There are literally thousands of  individuals and companies worldwide who are looking for people to sell their products for them, that’s  why there really is a great potential to affiliate marketing.

In choosing a product to promote you should select one that you are interested in. If you are into music for example you can choose to promote an ebook that teaches how to play a guitar. The advantage of choosing a product that is in line with your interest is that, you will certainly be excited about the campaign that you are creating.

An affiliate marketing campaign entails anything from sending emails to creating blogs and websites related to the product you’re promoting. If you have enough earnings already, you can expand your campaign to include paid techniques such as advertising through pay-per-click.

Because of its flexibility and the potential it presents, affiliate marketing is the best option for students who want to earn real money without having to resort to taking a part-time job.