The Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD) has been around for nearly 30 years. Founded by digest editor Mark Hulbert and considered the bible of financial newsletters by many, the Hulbert Financial Digest and its online offshoot, Hulbert Interactive, provide extensive and comprehensive analysis of nearly 200 investment newsletters that cover stocks as well as mutual funds. HFD is a highly unique product and service and it can move mountains in the financial world.

Today, the digest tracks nearly seven times as many financial newsletters as it did at the outset. This is due to the fact that so many more people are involved in the stock and mutual funds market today and, consequently, there is so much more money in the stock market today. So much more money means so much more opportunity to write advice to people in the form of newsletters. So, the HFD tries to make it far easier for investors to separate the good from the not-as-good.

“The year we started, the Nasdaq Composite Index was at 157.8 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at 867.92. And it was only a year or two prior to 1980 that individuals were allowed to even invest in money market funds. Today, many more people are participating in the market. They want to be more involved in managing investments and need someone to help them. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of market newsletters we Hulbert Financial Digest cuts through the hype and singles out the newsletters whose portfolios are the best performers…Hulbert Interactive [also] enables users to evaluate individual stocks and funds based on the collective ratings of all major newsletters,” says Mark Hulbert.

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Hulbert Interactive allows users to enter a ticker symbol for a particular mutual fund or stock; they will then see all of those newsletters tracked by the HFD that contains reviews of those stocks. Hulbert Interactive also allows users to enter a newsletter’s name so that they can see how the Hulbert Financial Digest calculates their performance as being. And if a user has forgotten the exact name of the newsletter they want to review, Hulbert Interactive provdes an alphabetical search index. Users will also find, just below that section, a chart showing the five most-upgraded newsletters that HFD monitors.

Reading further, users can use Hulbert Interactive to get Hulbert’s recommendations for how best to allocate their money into the different investment sectors that HFD tracks: US stocks, International stocks, Treasury Bills, US bonds, International bonds, and Gold. And, for those who are on the go, Hulbert Interactive has a section of quick links that answer the five most-asked questions of those read the HFD.

HFD tracks different investment newsletters not just to get a total, comprehensive perspective on the financial world, but also to appeal to different people’s tastes and approaches to investing and give readers insight into how to use different methods.

“People will ask what I’ve learned from watching newsletters… [I find that almost] any decent approach will work. The key is to follow whatever approach that is chosen with patience and discipline,” comments Hulbert.

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In today’s tumultuous financial market, Hulbert Financial Digest may be a very useful tool for many people.