The Fear of Taking Off

All right, it’s an e-ticket in my email Inbox. And it’s for 3 months from now. But that doesn’t do anything to loosen the knot in my stomach – the one that formed in the 2 torturous weeks before I made my decision, as I battled guilt and fear: can I really travel full-time? What if I fail? As the eldest child in a typical middle-class […]

Magic At Strangers’ Reunion

I almost missed the narrow, worn double doors of this particular shophouse, but my eyes caught the small chalked sign just in time. Upon second glance I realized I’d arrived at my destination – Strangers’ Reunion, the home of Singapore National Barista Champion Ryan Tan. These old doors do an excellent job of soundproofing and scent-proofing. Upon pulling them open a wave of chatter and coffee […]

On “Seeing” The Northern Lights

The photos and videos of the aurora borealis don’t tell you how long it actually takes to see the lights. Long exposures and accelerated frame rates paint a picture of shimmering green rivers that you can ogle at within minutes or seconds, but the reality is that it takes far longer. At least a few hours, in fact. Like countless other city folk I’d always yearned […]

A Writers Pilgrimage Hans Christian Andersens Copenhagen

In a beautiful city where grand church spires and centuries-old buildings greet the eye at every turn, it is the unimposing statue of The Little Mermaid that first comes to mind when anyone mentions Copenhagen. And she’s certainly the best icon of Denmark’s capital city, for the famous story that inspired the statue was written by acclaimed Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Like countless others around […]

Incredible Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We think we know the World we live in extremely well. However, the world is full of mysteries, which will shock you and make you go “WOW.” Well we have managed to dig up 27 of the most mind-blowing facts which will surprise even the most intelligent of people. The last words Albert Einstein said are unknown as he spoke them in German. The nurse who […]

All That You Need to Know About the Microwave Challenge

Internet is a weird place and so is the world. Anything and everything starts trending once it is on the internet. But, did you ever imagine that you could be a dish inside a microwave? Yes, this bizarre challenge is trending over the internet and people are going gaga over it. What is the challenge? The participate has to sit in a posture like a dish […]