How to Determine the Level of Competition for your Keywords

When you type a keyword phrase into a search engine, the search engine will return pages containing that keyword phrase with the most relevant pages first. Some people make the mistake of taking the number of pages returned by the search engine as a measure of competition for that keyword phrase, but in reality it is not so and here is why: Search engine results usually […]

Keyword Research: Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is very important whenever you want to write for the web, especially when you want to get a lot of organic traffic (i.e. traffic from search engines). There are basically three reasons why you need to carry out keyword research: To find popular keywords (i.e keywords with high search volume) To find less competitive keywords and To find buyers’ keywords. If you use popular […]

Importance of Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research has to do with finding out the words people use while searching for information in your niche. To fully understand the importance of keyword research tools, you have to be familiar with the way search engines rank webpages. When a search engine spider crawls your site, it takes note of all the keywords and links in your pages and stores them in a database. […]