In part I: Affiliate Marketing Explained, we went over the basics of how affiliate marketing works. In this part we’re going to look at some success ingredients for affiliate marketers.

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How To Choose A Good Affiliate Product

Below are tips and tricks that are going to help you choose a good affiliate product to promote.

1. Look at the Affiliate Merchant’s Sales Page:

See how well the affiliate merchant’s sales page is written; it should make you want to buy. Also, there should be no obvious outside link anywhere in the sales page so that visitors will not be distracted. Live links like privacy policy, DCMA policy and disclaimer are ok, but links to other sites like testimonial links should be in plain text.

2. Choose Affiliate Products with the Following Features:

  1. A modestly priced introductory affiliate product that you’ll proffer to new subscribers.
  2. Back-end affiliate products that supplement the introductory product.
  3. Residual income affiliate programs where the customer pays the affiliate merchant on a monthly basis and you get your commission on a monthly basis. Good examples are membership sites, and coaching programs.
  4. Join multi-tier affiliate programs where you can recruit other affiliates and earn a commission when any of the affiliate you recruited makes sales. In this type of programs, the commission you earn per month from the effort of the affiliates you recruited can be twice the commission you earn by your own effort.
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Choose affiliate products that have the above features, and plenty of them. Offer your list a variety of products and services until they see the one they like. You can know what your list want by sending them surveys to complete in exchange for an attractive freebie.

3. The affiliate products or services must be marketable:

The affiliate products or services you’re promoting must be in high demand. People should be willing to spend their money to get them. To get such affiliate product, you have to choose a profitable and evergreen niche.

4. A Statistic Page

The affiliate program or network you join should be able to provide you with a comprehensive statistic page so that you’ll know your number of click through, sales and earnings.

5. Recurring Billing

Subscription-based ClickBank products enable you to continue earning a commission every time the customer pays their subscription.

Don’t accept less than 25% commission on any sale, especially for digital products. For physical products make 15% your minimum. But all these depends on `the price of the product. For digital products, you can set your minimum commission per sell as $25. Physical products can have a minimium of $15,

5 Steps To Becoming A Super Affiliate

Many people fail as affiliate marketers because they ignore or are ignorant of those things that made big time affiliate marketers successful. Here are five steps that would make you successful as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Find a hot market base on your interest.
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2.Find hot affiliate products for that market.

  1. Create a sales page, affiliate website or blog that review the products, including an opt-in form with attractive freebie offers.
  2. Drive market-specific traffic to the sales page or affiliate website to build your customer list.
  3. Educate your subscribers with more info about the product using an autoresponder service.

The above 5 steps are sure-fire ways that will make you successful as an affiliate marketer. Follow the links above to get more insight on how exactly you can do these.

Finally promoting profitable affiliate products is one of the things that would make you a successful affiliate marketer. Generally, digital products are profitable because delivery is over the internet and no shipping is required. Digital products include info products like e-books, and software. Affiliate network like ClickBank specializes only on this kind of products.